Debt Recoveries & Consulting

Debt Recoveries and Consulting

With more than 13 years recovery and credit collections experience.

Our services include:

With more than 13 years recovery and credit collections experience, our team of collectors will be able to help you successfully secure your cash flow; and strengthen your businesses financial position access to decision makers will promote the sale of your product or service.

Debt collection and Recoveries:

In business one of the biggest threats is unsettled debt and having to commit resources to recover even just a portion of what is owed. Optima Debt Recoveries are highly skilled professionals having solved many cases successfully, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a better financial position for our clients.

We have partner Attorneys who assist us with all legal matters to ensure that our clients are legally compliant; and within their rights to exercise the necessary protocols.

Tuition Fee Recoveries:

Many educational institutions have clauses within their admission requirements that inform parents and students of fees that are payable; and also the process to follow should they not be able to afford tuition fees. We provide consultation and design a specific collection matrix around strategy and payment plans to assist institutions with their arrears and provide council on a suitable approach to tuition arrears.

Debtor Tracking:

One of the greatest frustrations that a business can experience; is having to contact a debtor who has changed their contact details, address, banking details, etc. and they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. We have a team of highly skilled professionals that are able to investigate, track and trace information pertaining to debtors and their updated information. This is a mandatory service that we include in all our packaged services as we are aware of the importance of updated information. Upon gathering the data we are then able to follow the collection process without having the delay with regard to incorrect data.

MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) Claim Recoveries:

We have established partnerships with reputable attorneys who are able to assist 3rd party victims (not only limited to personal injury) in recovering losses sustained in unfortunate events. No one plans to be in a motor vehicle accident and as much as we can try to insure our assets; there is no guarantee that this loss can be recovered. Many times businesses/individual suffer the financial burden of having to repair or replace what was damaged during the motor vehicle accident because the other party might have been without insurance.

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