Our Story

Our Story

Optima Sales Consulting has a background of specialists with over 20 years combined sales experience.

With a history of Human Resources and Sourcing specialists, Optima Sales Consulting has professional sales teams equipped and experienced to deal with diverse markets.


To be leading Sales Experts to increase business profitability to sustain business in Local and International markets.


With an ever changing economy and uncertainty of the new way of work, our services are able to sustain all types and sizes of businesses. Optima Sales Consulting we can guide your business to be profitable even within uncertain times.


To provide tailored sales solutions to all our clients while adhering to our values and principles to achieve powerful sales results through our people and processes.

Experience design at scale

  • Reduction in Cost- no direct sales management costs you incurred by building your own teams. Expenses of marketing are often underestimated. Training and sourcing sales reps, together with their expenditure could have progressive costs.
  • Opportunity costs- Improved sales coverage, more qualified lead opportunities that are generally overlooked are now the focus point to improve sales performance at low marginal costs
  • Focus more on strengthening processes for growth on goods and services
  • Increases market presence and keeps up to date with trends in the market to ensure your business remains relevant
  • Instant access to talent and marketing expertise
  • Assistance with sales compensation designed to align performance to drive company sales
  • Systematic approach to have expert guidance to accelerate the business growth
  • Customised reports with results to ensure optimum recommendations and planning for growth
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